Join us as a Camp Catch-Up STAFF or NURSE!

Camp Catch-Up relies on its dedicated Staff to supervise, support and guide the campers as they set out on their summer camp adventures with their brothers and sisters. This can be an emotional time for campers, many of whom have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. That’s why it’s important that our Staff is sensitive and empathetic to the needs of these children. Camp Staff will be responsible for supervising a sibling group of between 2 and 7 kids.

Sometimes youth in the foster care system lack consistent, supportive adults in their lives. At Camp Catch-Up, we strive to provide a safe and stable environment for our campers. Before applying, please be certain you can make a full commitment to your assigned campers while at camp. This includes fully attending and engaging in online and at-camp staff training and being mentally and physically present while at camp, all day, every day.

Camp Catch-Up strives to provide opportunities for our campers and staff to unplug from everyday stressors. We believe that the best relationship building happens in a natural environment free of distractions. It's not everyday we get to play in a mud pit, swim in a lake, and challenge ourselves on a ropes course.

That is why Camp Catch-Up is a technology free camp. All Staff are required to turn in cell phones and other electronics at the end of staff training (before campers arrive). There will be breaks throughout camp to check messages, emails, etc. There will be emergency camp phone numbers provided in case your loved ones need to reach you at camp.

Job descriptions


Must be at least 20 years old at the time of camp and are responsible for supervising a sibling family
and must fi ll out an application, complete an interview, and pass a background check. Applicants must have two
years of education or experience working with children or youth especially those who have diverse life experiences.
Experience and/or understanding of the foster care system is a must. Staff must be physically able to participate in
the activities, including but not limited to the following: canoeing, ropes course, crafts, hiking, water activities, and
on feet for long periods of time.


For past campers or young adults whom have the passion and a willingness to learn how to be a
staff . These staff may lack experience or education to be considered for a staff position. This is an opportunity to gain
real life experience working with youth. The Staff in Training position will be available to four Camp Catch-Up staff
at each camp. Staff in Training will be considered a staff but will report to and work alongside another experienced
Camp Catch-Up staff , also known as the Lead Staff . Staff in Training will complete a daily debrief form at night and
meet with Lead Staff and a Camp Director each morning.

Must be an RN, LPN, or Medication Aide certified. Nurses will be responsible for supervising all medical
needs of campers and staff . This includes providing care in cases of accidents or emergencies, care to ill campers or
staff , and responsible for administering and storing all medications. Applicants must have education or experience
in child development and working with children who have diverse life experiences. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
A copy of current license must be included with your application.


 Must be at least 18 years old and have interest and experience taking pictures. Responsibilities
include working on a computer including downloading, sorting, and printing pictures, saving onto a USB, and creating
a slideshow. Must be responsible, self- motivated, reliable and creative. Other duties may be assigned as needed
throughout camp.


Must be at least 16 years old and have an interest in coordinating art programming and creativity.
Responsibilities include facilitating art room activities including set-up and clean-up. Must be highly motivated,
able to work independently and as a team member. Other duties will be assigned as needed throughout camp.

What are you doing this summer?

“I volunteered last year and I loved it! Best camping experience I’ve ever had. I love being a part of someone’s life and witnessing the amazing opportunity to develop a relationship with their sibling. Helping  youth experience “fun” and “being happy” even when their life may not have been the best in the past. I like being a positive part of a youth’s growing experience. I want to give back to what has made me who I am and allowing siblings to bond in a positive environment, which I didn’t have growing up." 

-Rosetta Judd

Ready to join the team?

There are THREE camps to choose from. You can join the Staff for one or all of them.

Session 1:  Central NE- Timberlake Ranch Camp, Hordville, NE

Staff arrive for training on Wednesday night, May 30, campers arrive Thursday afternoon, May 31.  Camp ends on Sunday, June 1 at 1:00 PM.

Session 2:  Western NE: Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey, NE

Staff arrive for training on Wednesday night, June 20. Campers arrive the afternoon of Thursday, June 21. Camp ends on Sunday, June 24 at 1:00 PM.

Session 3:  Eastern NE Camp: Eastern NE 4-H Center near Gretna, NE

Staff arrive for training on Thursday, August 2. Campers arrive the next day on Friday, August 3. Camp ends on Sunday, August 5 at 1:00 PM.

Prefer a printed application? Call Mona Tarin at 402-613-6357 or email to request one.